Welcome to Rollasole


Drum roll, please

We've all been there, haven't we girls? One minute you're rocking in six-inch heels, the next, every step is a killer.

Well, meet our savvy little saviors, Rollasole, and let the good times roll.

The idea behind Rollasole sprang to mind in 2008 when Matt Horan decided there had to be a better way for his girlfriend to return home after a fun night out than the obligatory piggy back. From that moment on, Matt poured his efforts into developing and patenting our unique Rollasole shoes. Soon after, the first Rollasole vending machine appeared in Matt’s home town of Bristol.

Since then, things have simply snowballed. You can now find Rollasole shoes in a number of high street retailers in the UK and America – as well as caressing the tanned and toned feet of the stars at the Golden Globes for the last six years.

If you are a retailer and looking to buy and stock our products at wholesale prices, please call our US office at 702-944-9513. Alternatively, you can email infousa@rollasole.com.

Roll up, Roll up