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Introducing our stylish Cappuccino Rollasoles, just like the real thing they will keep you on your toes, are perfect for the office and will always help you keep going when you need a kick in the right direction! With a neutral cream trim, statement bow with comfortable deluxe sole these are Rollasoles for every occasion.

As part of our deluxe range these Rollasoles feature our extra thick, luxurious sole for all day comfort and of course come with our handy, high heel carry bag.

Whether you’re a small, medium or a large, each Rollasole is lovingly designed to fit snug on every foot. All deluxe styles with a heel will include a free heel pad to customise your perfect fit.

If in any doubt, always choose a size up.

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- A foldable pair of award winning Rollasole shoes!

- A compact high heel carry bag to keep your heels in

- A Rollasole Heel Pad to allow for extra comfort and the perfect feet

1) You can wear them all day every day

2) Great for nights out

3) Perfect for the office

4) Space saver in your suitcase on vacation

5) Keep them in your glove box for driving

A Shoe Designed With You In Mind


Support Small Business

We’re a small independent business and we only work and supply other independent stores


Free Delivery

There is free delivery on all domestic orders


Light Weight

Rollasoles weigh less than 1lbs, always great to thow in your bag when you need them